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At A.G. Rhodes, Unidine Serves Flexibility, Value and a Genuine Taste of Home

The partnership between A.G. Rhodes and Unidine provides homemade, fresh, and nutritious meals to the residents and patients of A.G. Rhodes’ healthcare facilities. The collaboration allows for flexibility and customization of the menu to meet individual dietary requirements. Unidine’s from-scratch approach promotes excellent quality of life for the elders and delivers significant cost efficiencies.

Every guest is greeted with a
genuine hospitality experience
Improved Menus
Varied offerings are flavorful and nutritious, allowing residents a customized experience
Cost Efficiency
Flexible programming and purchasing of fresh ingredients increases cost savings

As one of Atlanta’s oldest nonprofits, A.G. Rhodes has a storied reputation in senior living for compassionate care. Founded as a hospital more than 120 years ago, A.G. Rhodes has since become the area’s premier provider of therapy and rehabilitation services, short-term recovery and long-term care.

Despite more than a century in the industry, A.G. Rhodes’ leadership and skilled staff are not content to do things the way they’ve always been done. Thoughtful and forward-looking, they take a person-centered approach to care that promotes excellent quality of life.

A.G. Rhodes can meet elders’ holistic needs, supporting them as they continue to lead active lives full of purpose and meaning. Offering varied, healthy meals that engage elders’ senses at all levels of care is part of A.G. Rhodes’ mission.

Unidine’s dining management services have allowed us to offer enhanced dining choices and greater flexibility to better meet the needs and preferences of our residents. We have a great partnership and are glad to have Unidine as part of our homes.
Deke Cateau
CEO | A.G. Rhodes Health and Rehab

A.G. Rhodes partnered with CCL’s powerhouse brand, Unidine, to enlist the support of an industry leader who would deliver significant cost efficiencies while welcoming patients and residents with the highest level of culinary and hospitality excellence.


Under the guidance of a from-scratch philosophy, Unidine delivers delicious and healthful meals. This approach also provides financial efficiencies at a level that many might not expect.

After all, whole, unprocessed ingredients are less expensive to purchase than premade foods. Unidine functions as an extension of the team by getting to know the residents, listening to feedback and applying custom solutions.

At A.G. Rhodes, 95% of surveyed residents rated the quality of the food as Good, Very Good or Excellent under Unidine management, and 99% rated the service of the dining team as Good, Very Good or Excellent.
Deke Cateau
CEO | A.G. Rhodes Health and Rehab

With CCL, Unidine’s size and the resources of its nationwide supply chain network drive additional cost savings.

And a fresh food program allows the kitchen and dietary team to customize meals to meet the needs of residents with special diet requirements.

A fully tailored dining solution that is centered on the residents’ well-being while providing the best possible value for the community.

  • Support from the industry leader for dining management
  • Variety of homemade, fresh from-scratch options, including seasonal and locally sourced ingredients from Georgia and the surrounding states
  • Unidine’s one-size-fits-one approach, offering a tailored program that caters and adheres to the budget established, while offering options that serve the distinct demographics at each A.G. Rhodes location
  • A partnership built on open communication and alignment with A.G. Rhodes values –every person in the community is an integral part of the continuum of care
  • Professional hospitality training programs and chef certification programs from the Culinary Institute of America
Download the full case study:

At A.G. Rhodes, Unidine Serves Flexibility, Value and a Genuine Taste of Home

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