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How Robson Senior Living Reduced their Turnover Rate and Streamlined their Operations

With the hospitality expertise of Morrison Living powering this Compass Community Living partnership, Robson Senior Living was able to utilize strategic resources that provide innovative dining and talent solutions that puts them on track to becoming a top hospitality employer in their market.

Dramatically reduced turnover rate while empowering improvements across the board
Increased efficiency in their
inventory management processes
Streamlined and improved operations across each of their communities

As more senior living communities revisited their operations processes in recent years to meet changing consumer demands, the need to evolve and alleviate the pressures of a shifting industry became evident.

James Robson, Vice President of Senior Living for Robson Senior Living, recognized an opportunity for his three communities in Arizona to improve their efficiency, reduce a heavy reliance on temporary labor and reduce the turnover rate.

After researching hospitality outsourcing providers for dedication, skillset, and solid business relationships; James selected Morrison Living as part of the Compass Community Living family of companies for his hospitality partnership.

A business relationship is one thing. But Morrison Living has some of the most dedicated people I know. This has contributed to our successful partnership.
James Robson
VP of Senior Living, Robson Senior Living

Understanding that efficient operational standards provide the foundation for cohesive and consistent hospitality management, James sought a broad and robust solution to improve financial efficiency, increase resident satisfaction, and reduce staff turnover rates.

Robson Senior Living needed to modernize their processes and support an environment where employees can continue to grow and develop their career paths.


By partnering with CCL for a full-service Morrison Living partnership, Robson Senior Living was able to ensure higher levels of consistency and quality in their offerings to residents.

Staffing numbers were successfully increased through a very proactive collaboration between Robson Senior Living and Morrison Living to highlight marketplace expertise at job fairs. Leveraging the hospitality-centric tools available to them through CCL also enabled them to utilize a new dining reservation system which helped their culinary team more efficiently manage the flow of dining traffic.

Beyond the modern, digital tools and more efficient processes, it has also empowered them to further develop a great culture within their organization and continue building on that success.

It’s not just lip service with Morrison Living. We are seeing the results over time.
James Robson
VP of Senior Living, Robson Senior Living

Since Robson Senior Living selected Morrison Living for their full-service dining management, James shared that the positive impacts of this decision have influenced virtually every department and everything they do.

From menu engineering to reduce the impact of inflation to streamlining HR and payroll, their operations now run much smoother.

A key part of the success has been reducing their turnover rate from 136% to 46% over the last couple of years.

  • Increased resident satisfaction
  • Decreased usage of overtime
  • Eliminated a heavy reliance on temporary labor solutions
  • Streamlined their operations from HR to inventory management
  • Gained access to dedicated senior living recruiting specialists
  • Implemented a new dining reservation system that eases flow of traffic
  • Increased their ability to promote staff from within and support career growth
Download the full case study:

How Robson Senior Living Reduced their Turnover Rate and Streamlined their Operations

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