Intro to CCL-06

An Introduction to CCL

Is your community making a lasting impression? Maybe it’s time for a partner.

Hello – I’m Dan Natterman the CEO of Compass Community Living (CCL) and I’d like to introduce you to our company and tell you what makes us exceptional partners in the hospitality and services industry serving senior living and behavioral health communities. For us it’s simple – we are driven by our relentless philosophy rooted in a laser focus around driving strong operating fundamentals and experienced resource management. Our teams support our clients’ unique business goals including dining venue development planning, design and space transformation, operations training, marketing, and branding and supply chain expertise.

Significant Scale – CCL is comprised of three renowned hospitality and support brands – Unidine, Morrison Living and Coreworks. As part of Compass Group we have access to dedicated resources such as Foodbuy, PeopleHub, Compass Digital, StrategicProjects and Envision Group – which gives us the flexibility to tailor to your brand and business plan objectives while creating cost-effective solutions.

Our significant scale enables deep relationships with our supplier partners, which creates cost advantages for our brands and our clients. Our supply chain through Foodbuy for example, the largest food procurement company in the country and sole sourcing partner for Compass Group, helps us drive down cost through volume as well as provide operation insights, audits, streamlined product selection and expert usage of USDA foods. Foodbuy is also an award-winning leader in responsible sourcing.

Brand Expertise – Our powerful, differentiated portfolio allows us to meet a wide range of client and customer needs. We align strategies and coordinate operations to capture the available synergies across our brands. This allows us to determine the distinct advantages of each brand and their strategic role in our portfolio, develop a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, identify, and cultivate a clear, differentiated positioning for each brand, ensuring each have the right strategy in place to compete effectively.

A Culture of Service – Our greatest competitive advantage is our team. Which is why we constantly strive to strengthen our culture of service – every team member knows they matter and own a stake in our success and delivering on our commitments to our clients. CCL’s culture helps drive our growth and makes us an industry leader in recruitment, retention, and training. With over 15,000 CCL team members at over 850 communities across the country, we know our unique backgrounds make us a stronger more diverse team, bringing fresh viewpoints to the organization helping solve challenges for maximum results.

And you don’t need an army of marketers, designers, sourcing specialists and trainers on your payroll. As your partner, we are an extension of your team, which will optimize your performance with the industry’s best practices and innovative approaches. When a special business need arises, we’ll engage our experts to help you meet and exceed the challenge.

Driving Results – We are transparent and intentional about driving results for our clients. We’re not a vendor, we are a partner and form relationships built on dedication, loyalty, hard work and honesty. And even though we form a large organization, we are flexible and nimble in approach so we can act fast where scale and customization intersect – providing the best of both worlds.


“Grounded in our four competitive advantages – culture of service, brand expertise, significant scale, driving results executed across our trusted family of companies – a partnership with CCL enables us to optimize your potential and future success.

With all that said, I hope you now better understand who Compass Community Living is and that you’ll explore partnering with us.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Dan Natterman, CEO

About Compass Community Living

Compass Community Living (CCL) is a division of Compass Group, a global culinary and support services leader. With over 15,000 associates nationwide, CCL offers the expertise of three powerhouse brands – Morrison Living, Coreworks and Unidine. CCL provides collaborative partnerships, emphasizing hospitality and service excellence, for over 850 retirement communities and behavioral health facilities across the country. Together, our family of companies deliver an experience known for innovation and a passion for service with proven management and strong operational infrastructure.

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