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Enriching senior living through food, design, and wellness

Community is important in every phase of life. Modern senior living is defined by community values, with residents heavily influenced by diverse offerings and personalized experiences. If you own a senior living community, this is a key differentiator influencing every aspect of your operation. Having that intangible spark will set you apart from your competitors and increase value across your organization.

We partner with you to build community at all levels of care

When you create an authentic environment that respects individual preferences, the sky is truly the limit. You will inspire your residents, delight their families, and build an enduring business reputation based on life-affirming values and positive lived experiences.

Invest in your residents’ lifestyle and provide a unique and caring community with our services.

Comprehensive hospitality services

At Morrison Living, we offer a wide range of integrated lifestyle services for all levels of care in senior living. We strive to be the best part of someone’s day, so our team combines unmatched attention to detail with expert insight, kindness, and loving support. From fantastic culinary experiences to intelligent design and creative wellness programs, we help you grow through the power of community.

We offer the following senior living services:


Great culinary experiences create strong communities. Food is a very important part of culture. It is the foundation of building community with engagement that grows connections across common social boundaries. We offer a range of dining services for senior living, with all programs tailored to your residents, your standards, and your community. From in-room meals to shared menus and special events, we help you build community one meal at a time.

Our approach to food is simple and honest, with wholesome meals, innovative menus, and engaged staff members. Much more than sustenance and nutrition, food is a gateway to enjoyment, health, and well-being. At Morrison Living, we create personalized dining programs for each facility and resident, with custom programs for specific dietary needs, preferences, and schedules.

Our dining programs are well-structured yet highly flexible. Rooted in the wider culture of your community, we respect heritage values while satisfying modern taste trends. We create distinct menus based on a unique food philosophy — putting flavor, nutrition, and service at the heart of everything we do.

Retail _ Design

Retail & Design Expertise

At Morrison Living, we deliver proven designs for catering and dining venues. With long-standing experience and design expertise, we combine creative innovations with smart optimization strategies. Our unique approach to hospitality design creates highly livable and workable spaces for everyone who lives and works in senior living communities.

We understand the mindset of modern senior living communities, and we work hard to combine proven methods with new design ideas. Residents and staff can be anxious about modernization, so our team works with all stakeholders to find the best possible solution.

Whether designing a new venue or renovating an existing space, we can help to bring your facility to life. Innovative building methods and creative interior design are great ways to boost your reputation. We offer capacity controls, table layouts, robotic delivery, climate-controlled food lockers, and food kiosks. Whatever you need, we can help to transform your venues and improve outcomes for current and future residents.

Wellness Programs

At Morrison Living, wellness is a central part of our mission. We offer various individualized wellness and nutrition services through a team of registered dietitians and nutrition care managers. Our experts are friendly and knowledgeable, with a range of programs initiated to help residents achieve their highest state of wellness.

Our nutrition and wellness team helps empower residents to make great choices. When people have a healthy relationship with food, they're more likely to achieve their lifestyle goals. Our wellness programs help individual residents to develop custom diets based on their immediate needs and long-term goals.

Along with general wellness and community support, we have a collection of programs for residents that need higher levels of care. Far from a one-size-fits-all service, we support everyone in the community to take positive steps toward healthy aging and holistic well-being. From nutritional needs to menu creation and celebration, we help residents live their best possible lives.

Wellness Programs

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