Curated dining experiences delivered by industry experts

Unidine provides trusted hospitality services to empower your organization. Exceptional hospitality starts from within — our team works with your staff, patients, and guests to create positive experiences. We adopt innovative hospitality solutions and implement tailored dining strategies to increase customer satisfaction while meeting the needs of your organization.

Bellbrook has had a strong partnership with Undine for over 11 years. Their innovative approach to serving fresh, nutritious, and appealing food to seniors is so unique, and our residents and families constantly rave about the food! Our Undine leaders at Bellbrook have monthly meetings with our residents to talk about what menu items they are happy with and what changes they would like to see. This makes our residents feel like they truly have a voice in their community, their home.

— Melissa Allen | Director of Sales, Trinity Communities

“Unidine provides a first-class dining experience that promotes healthy choices while maintaining a variety that always remains interesting. The members of their staff have developed rapport with our employees and are considered part of our team. Unidine fosters environmental sustainability through a wide variety of recyclable products and their response to COVID-19 has been excellent. Their safety measures are well-thought-out, making our employees feel safe.”

— Phil Finklea | Director of Facility Operations Graham Capital Management

Exceptional hospitality and dining management solutions will empower your people and transform your organization.

At Unidine, our strategic, hospitality-centric services help organizations of all sizes to optimize the performance of the food service department. We deliver experiences that drive higher customer satisfaction and strategies that elevate performance. 

With support from Unidine, you can relax and focus on what really matters — operating your core business. We serve organizations in the senior living and behavioral health industries, and our operating solutions are customizable. Our services are optimized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Unidine

At Unidine, we create hospitality solutions that work. More than service delivery, we work with you to provide customized programs that are based on your immediate needs and long-term goals. Everything we do is tailored to your organization, and all systems are designed to be flexible and responsive.

We believe in communication, feedback, and collaboration. We build comprehensive solutions that deliver value and reduce costs based on the changing dynamics of your organization and its people.

When you work with Unidine, you can expect the following:

  • Enhanced service delivery
  • Patient, guest, and staff satisfaction
  • Unmatched choice and customization
  • Proven process-driven solutions
  • Expertise and professional insight
Benefits of Unidine

Tailored Dining Solutions

At Unidine, we focus on the growing hospitality needs of senior living and behavioral health industry sectors.

Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Communities

Elevate the resident experience

We deliver a hospitality-centric senior living dining experience by providing customized solutions curated with industry-leading expertise. If you want to create positive experiences and make your residents feel at home, hospitality is the obvious solution. From daily meal service to holiday events and anniversary celebrations, we create memorable moments and help people live their best lives.

At Unidine, we are committed to the wellbeing of our guests. From medical needs to dietary preferences, we provide an elevated and distinctive service based on attention to detail and ongoing support.

Our diverse menu selection includes a variety of nutrition and wellness choices, such as options for residents with special dietary restrictions including gluten-free, vegetarian, and low-sodium diets.

Treatment Facilities

Support positive physical and mental health outcomes

We proudly support behavioral health and SUD (substance use disorder) facilities. If you want to enrich your patients' lives and boost your treatment center's reputation, it's important to offer more. Your food service program can be a powerful differentiator. We deliver behavioral food programs beyond expectations, from specialized culinary programs to health and nutrition education.

Food and nutrition are fundamental tools that support lifelong recovery. With Unidine as your hospitality partner, you can implement a holistic approach to nutrition, health, and well-being. Our team works closely with each center’s healthcare team to create personalized dining experiences for patients to enhance their overall quality of care.

We also know that predictability is crucial to the success of your daily operations. To achieve this, it requires experienced professional management. Through cost controls and cost avoidance processes, we work with you to improve the financial performance of your food service department and maintain budgets.

 At Unidine, we create end-to-end food service management solutions that cover hospitality-centric service, patient education, cost avoidance processes, and complete department accountability.

Treatment Facilities

Facility Support Services with Coreworks

Unidine maintains a direct partnership with Coreworks, the leading provider of  environmental and support services. Along with best-in-class hospitality. Coreworks provides a range of specialized services, including housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and transportation, providing a centralized partnership that meets your needs.

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